Type yTypes of Games  

.50 Caliber MEDIUM IMPACT : Standard Paintball rules apply. However, velocity will be reduced. Youngest player must be at least 9 years old.

.50 Caliber LOW IMPACT :
Special game rules and operating procedures will be required. Velocity will be further reduced. All players will be required to wear a protective vest that we will provide. Youngest player must be at least 7 years old.

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How We Do It:

1. We are set up to process groups in a safe and organized fashion. .

2. Your package includes paintball guns, masks, vests and paintballs. Please have your group arrive 20-30 minutes prior to beginning of party to ensure that everyone is checked in and ready to start on time. Your party will enjoy private use of the facility for 2 hours.

3. All of the markers are placed in secure racks between games so that our staff can clean them, load them, refill the air, and prepare them for the next game.
No markers are permitted in the staging or party area. We take care of all of this so that you can just enjoy the day.

4. Unless you request otherwise. All games will be a limited paint format. This format ensures that you stay within your desired budget while still providing a great time to all participants.

NOTE: Please have parents completed waivers online prior to your party to save time. All players are required to complete waivers prior to play.

Ready to Book your Event?

To reserve a game date for your private group, we require a $50 deposit, payable by credit card. The balance will be due when you arrive for your games at the playing field. Please do not bring any of your own paintballs.