PPaintball Safety Rules...

1. Safety Mask:

  • Players are required to wear a mask at all times while inside of the netted area. Players that continue to pull their mask off after being warned will be banned from the playing field.
  • Any player that loses his or her mask during play should immediately cover their eyes with their hands, drop to the ground, and repeatedly shout MY MASK IS OFF until a referee is able to assist.
  • Stop firing and notify a referee immediately if you see a player lose his or her mask or remove it intentionally.

4. Safety Button:
Paintball guns are equipped with a safety button to prevent an accidental discharge. Your referee will show you how to work this button prior to the first game. You should activate the safety prior to exiting the field.

5. Barrel Covers:
The barrel cover is just as important off the field as the mask is on the field. This device blocks any paintballs fired from a gun in the event of an accidental discharge outside of the playing area. Players are required to cover the muzzle of their paintball gun with a barrel cover prior to exiting the playing area.

6. Blind Firing:
Blind Firing is not allowed…. you should never shoot unless you can see what you are aiming at.

7. No Physical Contact:
There is no Melee in paintball. Its just not that serious.

8. Jumping/Climbing:
Please do not try to jump over the bunkers or climb on any of the tires or other structures.

9. Picking up Paintballs:
Please do not pick paint up off the ground. This can result in your gun malfunctioning or even introduce foreign objects into your gun. Players caught picking up paintballs will be eliminated from the game.

10. Modifying Rental Equipment:
Please do not modify the rental equipment in any way.

11. Overshooting:
Do not shoot another player more than 3 times.

12. Distance:
Do not shoot a player if they are closer than 20 feet.

13. Horseplay:
No Horseplay on or off of the field.

14. Injury:
Please cease fire and notify a ref immediately in the event that you or another player is injured.

15. Right to Refuse Service:

  • All players must abide by the rules and regulations specified on the player agreement form that all players must read and sign before playing.
  • It is the responsibility of the person signing the consent form to inform us of any medical condition of the person named. We will not be held responsible for any failure to disclose information that is required for the wellbeing of any player. We cannot give consent for any person with a medical condition to participate; this is the responsibility of the individual.
  • All players must obey the directions and instructions of all Basics staff. We reserve the right to exclude without refund anyone deemed to be under age, unfit to play because of physical or mental impairment, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, aggressive and or abusive or considered to be a danger to themselves or others.

16. Cancellations:

  • Any cancellations must be made a minimum of three (3) full days prior to event or deposit will not be refunded. 
  • Any event that is cancelled due to poor weather will be refunded or re-scheduled ( Your Choice ).

The playing area is easily observed by spectators and parents so that you can enjoy watching your child play.


Available for Private Groups

The sport of paintball can be very intimidating to a first time player. The fear of facing experienced players can be a bit much for your first time out. You won't have to worry about this when you book your group or party at BASICS. Your party will play privately as a group. This helps to make sure that everybody enjoys the day.

.50 Caliber MEDIUM IMPACT : Standard Paintball rules apply. However, velocity will be reduced. Youngest player must be at least 9 years old.

.50 Caliber LOW IMPACT : Special game rules and operating procedures will be required. Velocity will be further reduced. All players will be required to wear a protective vest that we will provide. Youngest player must be at least 7 years old.

Note: Each of these methods of play offer an authentic paintball experience. It is important that players are introduced to the sport of paintball at a level that is appropriate for their age. Our staff will work with you to help select the best method for you group.

Paintballs can sting or leave a welt regardless of method of play. Proper attire is recommended!